When I worked for Homeland Security – A Story about Saving a Life

On 7/11/2009 there was a soldier sitting down by Hudson News, TSO Jim Eadline did go over and thank him for his service to his country (as we all do when we see someone in uniform) At this point the soldier proceeded to tell TSO Eadline that he was thinking about ending his life. TSO Eadline sat down and spoke to the soldier and told him his life was worth so much more, and had a conversation with him. TSO Pat Bush also got involved. and also talked to the soldier, called his Commanding Officer and Chaplain (the soldier was AWOL we later discovered) and relayed that the soldier was in dire need of help. The C.O, said that if he showed up the next day they would drop the AWOL charges and thanked TSO Bush for his intervention. The soldier went home that day and promised to report to his base, the next day, he had also scheduled a flight out for the net day. The next day 7/12/2009, TSO Eadline and Bush were waiting to make sure that the soldier got on his flight. I walked up to gate 9 to see what was going to happen (if the soldier had shown up) TSO Bush and I were getting a little nervous. the airline was calling for last call to board the flight and the soldier was still not there yet, Finally we saw TSO Eadline coming up thru the Terminal, with the soldier. We sighed with relief. TSO Bush and Eadline both got a hug from the soldier, and gave him their personal phone numbers and told him that his life was worth too much to do anything like he was thinking about doing before and that he should go back and make us all proud of him, The soldier thanked us all for being there for him at what was the lowest point in his life. I had tears in my eyes and I hugged TSO Eadline and Bush and told them I was so proud of them both for what they had done. I really do believe from the bottom of my heart that this situation would have ended on a different note, if it was not for the actions of TSO Jim Eadline and TSO Pat Bush.

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