Good Night – A Tony Angelo Story

Good Night! 
A Tony Angelo story 
The sunniest day of the Summer had past.  Fall has come and the days
go so fast. My mother’s car drifted off of the road. When I woke up my
sight was taken leaving a feeling of being alone.
My mother then entered, I could tell by her scent. She cried so hard
calling out my name saying how our lives would never be the same.
Her arms had been lost; never to embrace me again. I smiled in her
direction and started to grin. Our lives were the most treasured thing
I had in my life.
Which could have been lost or never realized. Blinded by a life event
I found my way, my mother’s embrace seemed closer that day.
She shared the events which took so much away. The darkness had but
fell over. Never taking away. I Cried “Good Night” to the past and
prayed thankfully for today.

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