Being Homeless & An Addict

On this new journey I have learned a lot, and have made many friends that I have been trying to help overcome homelessness and addictions. The life of a addict and homeless person is rough, they do what they have to do to survive. If they have to steal to get what they need.

They do shelters around here, there are 3.
I know of most won’t stay in them, one has a “Christian” title and treat these people like scumbags, they look for any reason they can to kick them out. Some have had a disagreement with chaplains and are told they not only cannot stay but cannot eat there either. The city shelter is full of bedbugs and the other shelter on West side is similar to the first I mentioned.

These people are suffering without hope. I meet them all the time on the street, take them to dinner, tell them my story and show them there’s hope in Jesus he’s the only way. If he can change a low-life like me, he can do it for anyone. A lot of them are like me, heard their whole life they will never amount to anything.

The sad part is I keep hearing the same story, they thank me for trying to help, and tell me I’m the only christian person that gives them time of day. I became close friends with a man named Timmy, we had a lot on common, he had a rough life like me. It ruined his marriage, he was a homeless drug addict. I started making progress with him. He tried to get his marriage back together and got so distraught Dec. 31, he committed suicide drowned himself in the river. I’m heartbroken to this day, I wish he would have just called me I could have talked him out of it.

Heroin is a horrible drug it literally takes their soul. I met another man at the mall awhile back, he was homeless his name was Bobby. All he asked for was a Coke, because he was thirsty. I asked how long since you have eaten, he put his head down and cried and said 3 days….

He said, “It’s Sunday evening, I stood here for an hour, just looking for a drink l, I know these people just got out of church, not one would even look at me.” He shared his story, his wife died from heroin overdose, shortly after he was working in a coal mine, and got buried alive by the time he was out of hospital he lost everything……behind every addict and homeless person there is a reason and a story sometimes the best help you can give is listen to their story eat with them, and show compassion there are so many hurting people.

Now the mayor of Charleston is at war with homeless people, one man got 30 days in jail for sleeping by the river, people need to get compassion. Compassion is action, they need to go out on those streets with me with holy boldness and compassion and give these people hope.

I have lost so many to suicide just in the past few years, it’s horrible please pray God sends more laborers into his harvest to help me if you need more info let me know if anyone is hurting homeless addicted or just needs a friend my number is 304- 308-7417 -if I don’t answer leave message. I work 2 jobs so sometimes I can’t answer right away if they call if that is the case if they text 911, I’ll make time, David.

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