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Have you ever had a dream or a goal, but never had the courage to pursue it? Life events, work, family, friends, and fear all stand in your way? For up-and-coming actor, Dominic King, his dreams of becoming an actor laid dormant for years until he decided to make it happen. Follow King’s story as he offers useful advice about what steps to take to transform your dreams into reality.

Before pursuing anything, ask yourself, ‘Is this really what I want?’ In order to be successful in anything you pursue, you must first have a passion for it if you want to stick with it for an extended period of time with an energy that will weather life’s ups and downs that come through the years. Along with a passion for what you want, you must also have a strong work ethic; persistency is key. As long as you are persistent, you will keep getting roles, and eventually, you will be in the right place at the right time, and you will have a high chance at making your dream a reality.

If you specifically want to be an actor, the first thing you might want to do is go to a few auditions. If you are nervous or cannot imagine yourself having enough courage to audition in front of an audience, test yourself in front of family and friends until you are much more comfortable. Just go for it! Push yourself. Once you become familiar with auditioning, the process begins to become less nerve-racking.

Another first step King recommends is to join local acting groups on Facebook, including film departments of local schools and colleges. A great way to start building experience on your résumé is to apply to roles in student films, as they will take actors with little or no experience. After that, it is very common to accept many non-paid background or extra roles for the purpose of gaining experience, résumé-building, and obtaining credit on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

King suggests taking some acting classes with an acting school or with a local acting coach. This is an important step, because you will hone in on your acting skills and learn many different techniques that you will be able to draw from while you are acting out scenes.

By accepting different roles – with each subsequent role being a little more challenging than the last – your résumé will be quite impressive. It takes time and diligence to build your résumé, but trust in the fact that after a year or two of being consistent, directors will start to notice your works. Eventually, bigger directors might take a chance on you because of your work ethic or your talent.

We all have obligations in life that may be preventing us from pursuing our dreams such as a job or family. King suggests looking for jobs that might be more flexible with shooting schedules. Consider freeing up weekends and making yourself available to stay for late shoots into the night. King jokes that if you have a family at home, tell them that you’re running to the store and never come back… like men did in the old days. Of course, running away from your family is not the most reasonable solution. King stresses the importance of family support and how it can really be the difference between being a mediocre actor and being a phenomenal one.

“I believe to be the best actor, you may frequently have to cut back on a few things such as watching too much TV or hanging out with friends and family. Your time is very valuable, so if the things you are entertaining now are not propelling you to the next level, I recommend you stop, cut back, and focus that time on learning how to get deep into your character. This consists of thinking, feeling, breathing in the life-force, and absolutely becoming that character. If acting is what you desire, then your very being is your product. Become that business-minded person, because skills and talent are what sells. So, when I hear the word ‘casted,’ to me, that signifies a deal initially meaning sold,” explains King.

Of course, King’s desire to act came from somewhere. He has always looked up to actor and comedian Martin Lawrence. It was Lawrence who really inspired King to get into the entertainment business. But in addition, there is a deep fervor for acting within him. As King puts it, “I find acting to be very therapeutic, and if I could eat and have all my bills paid for life, I would do it for free just as long as it remains fun to me.”

In the past two years, King has been on some large sets with the likes of other notable Hollywood actors such as Katrina Law in Zeroes as well as Dee Wallace and Kane Hodder on the set of Death House, which is set to open in theaters this Halloween.

When asked where he sees himself 5 years from now, King confidently admits that he will be a working union actor. He may not be a household name quite yet, but within the next 10 years, he has no doubt about becoming one. He plans to be producing films as well as managing his other businesses.

Along with the impressive acting career King has been cultivating, he has been busy growing his clothing line as well. This endeavor came about quite like his acting career, with a strong desire and unwavering courage. Even though the idea of his clothing brand had been maturating for years, TRULY DIVINE emerged in June 2015, when it became a registered trademark. It is King’s intention that it would bring good luck and prosperity to all who wear it.

When asked how he managed to create such an appealing clothing line, King says, “I honestly use the same mentality I use in acting with my TRULY DIVINE clothing line. It is the strong will of wanting to succeed that constantly puts me in any position my mind can conceive. My clothing is not like Gucci and all of those other high-end labels. But one thing is for sure and two things are for certain, everything I do is with love, care, and hard work. And we all know hard work pays off no matter how long it takes. As I may have stated before, consistency is key.”

You can follow King and his journey on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by searching for Dominic King. Be sure to also search for TRULY DIVINE and like and share. TRULY DIVINE clothing can be purchased at www.trulydivineclothing.com.

King thanks you in advance for your support!


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